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Fabric and Textile Restoration

Textile, and Fabric Restoration Services

Textile repair is the process of restoring damaged textiles to their original state after natural disasters (such as fire, smoke or water damage). Textile is any item made of fabric material, from cotton to polyester. Our textile repair team provides fast service and professional care to restore your textiles to their lost state.

Household items may be very important to you, which is why we have a strong network of experts and specialists across the country to handle any claims. CORE Group is committed to providing high-quality textile repair services and seamless processes. We are committed to adding value to insurance and insured customers, and cover a wide range of clothing and home textiles. Our team provides you with high-quality textile repair services after fire, flood, storm or disaster. We know how important your items are because they help make your home a home away from home.

Like other art forms, environmental factors play an important role in the durability of textiles. When choosing the placement of your textiles you should try to avoid areas with humidity, light and pollutants in the air. They will fade, but they will also reduce the structure of the object. Both natural light (sunlight) and indoor lighting can cause damage, usually not related to ultraviolet radiation, although ultraviolet light accelerates this process. Therefore, exposure to light should be as little as possible in terms of intensity and duration. High temperatures caused by lighting or other heat sources accelerate fiber decomposition by acting as a catalyst for chemical reactions. Do not hang or display textiles near fireplaces, lights or windows. Also, don’t store them in the attic, where it can be very hot in summer. It should not change quickly, because sudden changes in humidity can cause the fabric to expand and contract. This humidity range can also prevent mold growth, corrosion of bonding metals, and prevent peeling each time it is used. Air quality is also very important because pollutants are deposited in tissues and trigger chemical reactions that accelerate decomposition. Dust and sand will also cause slight abrasion to the fibers, similar to tiny cracks. Even household chemicals can spread through the air and attach to fabrics, making them tarnish and weak.

When choosing a storage location for textiles, all the above environmental factors should be considered. Protect any artwork, especially delicate fabrics. The area where textiles are stored should be cleansed of dust and pests. Check articles every six months. Small wounds and maggot intestines are signs of insect problems. Some items, as long as they are not too fragile, can be vacuumed to remove dust. Use the soft brush attachment to vacuum up and down the fabric. Vacuum the surface because it is very abrasive and does more harm than good. When moving or handling materials, be aware that they are more fragile than they appear on the surface. It is important to always distribute the weight of the fabric evenly so that certain areas are not stressed. For small objects, it is recommended to put a piece of paper underneath, and then carry it. This method limits hand contact.

Our repair process can repair almost any textile.
The various textiles that we have successfully restored to the state before the loss include:
  • Clothing restoration
  • Footwear restoration
  • Bag restoration
  • Leather restoration
  • Luggage restoration
  • Curtain restoration
  • Taxidermy restoration
  • Towel restoration

Odor Removal

You may want to repeatedly wash damaged items to remove odors; however, the normal washing process will destroy fragile items and only partially remove dirt. With appropriate equipment and care, professional deodorization services will ensure the safety of your belongings. Our trained specialists will deodorize textiles and expect excellent results:

  • Unpleasant odors are removed, not covered up
  • Mold and mold spores are completely removed
  • Smoke, smoke ash, and other pollutants are removed
  • Fabric reverts to the pre-loss condition

Textiles are used in many things in our daily lives, including upholstered furniture, clothing, photographs, blankets, tapestries and flags. The range of materials can range from natural fibers such as cotton and silk to synthetic fibers such as nylon and polyester. It is not only decorative, but also functional. Because of this, textiles are usually more exposed to the environment and can cause damage than other art forms. Such damage may also result in the need to consult an expert or organize a repair expert.

Our organization’s repair team will work closely with you to identify items that need repair and cleaning. We carefully pack and handle items such as textiles, fabrics, and household items from the site, and transport them safely to our central content processing center. Use our advanced cleaning technologies, such as industrial cleaning systems, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, and freeze-drying systems to restore damaged items. After cleaning, we will bring your household items back or store them until the structural repair of your house is completed. Whether your value is money or emotion, what is important to you is what is important to us. CORE always uses the latest content cleaning technology, which allows us to restore many items that were thrown away in the past. We will work tirelessly to protect these items because we know exactly what they mean to you.

The transparency of our process enables our adjusters and contractors to make more informed decisions about restorations or replacements. Most of our assessments and invoices are less than two pages, so you can analyze and process claims faster and save time. Transfer funds from the policy to other damaged areas, which gives the appraiser more opportunities to satisfy the insured.

Our team focuses on our customers and can respond quickly from the first call to the day of delivery. We provide damage assessment and photo inventory of items in each room to ensure safe storage and transportation. We work with installers, contractors and homeowners to do our best to get the best results and provide expert advice.

CORE knows that textiles are significant and have emotional value. After floods, fires or other disasters, CORE will show sympathy and understanding to help you calm down. Once the items are restored to their original condition, our team of experts will ship all the packaged and labeled items back to you.